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What companies and ETFs can I invest in through Hatch?
What companies and ETFs can I invest in through Hatch?

Access full and fractional shares in companies and ETFs listed on the US share markets

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Hatch gives you access to full and fractional shares in individual companies and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) listed on the US share markets, specifically the NYSE and the Nasdaq

There are some criteria in place to ensure the investments on offer are liquid (not sure what that means? Check our Jargon alert! below). The general rules that DriveWealth use to assess what shares to offer are:

  • The company or ETF is listed on the NYSE or Nasdaq

  • For companies, the market capitalisation should be greater than $300 million USD, with an average value of $1 million USD and 100,000 shares traded per day

  • Leveraged funds aren’t offered by default but some are available on Hatch

To find new companies added to Hatch you can filter by "Recently Added" within the Hatch app.

Jargon alert! Liquidity describes how quickly an investment can be bought and sold. For example, a house is relatively illiquid because it takes time and effort to buy and sell, whereas shares on Hatch are considered liquid because when the US share markets are open, you can usually buy and sell them in real time (some shares are more liquid than others).

Note: We don't offer access to crypto or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

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