You can make a withdrawal request at any time through your Hatch account. Our exchange fee is the same as when you make a deposit, and we don't tack on any extras or minimum fees. 

Once we’ve processed your request and exchanged the USD to NZD, we deposit the money into your New Zealand bank account. It can take up to four business days to get your money back to your bank.

Why does it take up to four business days?

There are a few steps to get your money back to your bank account. First, your USD needs to land in our US bank account, then we exchange it into NZD and wait for it to arrive in NZ. Finally, we need to send your NZD back to your bank account. 

We complete each step pretty quickly, but it takes a bit of time for your money to physically move. 

We’ll email you when your USD is being sent to our US bank account and again when your NZD is on its way to your bank account, so you know when to expect it.

Expect your Friday withdrawals to be in your NZ bank account by Wednesday

If you withdraw money anytime on Friday, DriveWealth process your withdrawal after our FX partner World First closes for the week. This means your USD doesn't get exchanged to NZD until Monday, and usually won't arrive in our bank account until after banks close in NZ. We try to get it to your NZ bank account on Tuesday, but on rare occasions, it can be Wednesday before you see it.

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