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Do you offer trust or joint accounts?
Do you offer trust or joint accounts?

Trusts: yes. Joint accounts: not yet

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At the moment, we allow individual investors and Trusts to sign up to Hatch.ย 

Trust accounts

Our trust sign up process is manually completed at the moment. Email us at with a copy of your trust deed and we'll send you a couple of (painless) forms and a few requirements to help us get you up and running. Once we get your forms back, we do all the set up for you and can have you up and running in an hour or two.

Some things to know up front:

  • Your trust must be a family trust that's only a tax resident in NZ

  • Only one person can sign in and act on behalf of the trust in Hatch. We'll ask every controlling person (i.e trustees, professional trustees and some beneficiaries) to agree to one person acting on the decisions made by the group

  • We need a unique email address to set up the trust account - we're working on allowing investors to manage their trust and individual portfolios under one sign in, but for now, you'll need to sign into separate Hatch accounts (we can help you with this too)

Joint accounts

Joint accounts are on our radar but we have no immediate plans to roll them out.

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