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With Hatch, Kiwi investors have access to global markets at their fingertips.

Hatch is a digital investment platform that provides to the tools, access and community to help Kiwis grow meaningful wealth. We are the retail arm of FNZ, a leading global wealth management business. With Hatch, you get access to more than 5,800 of the world’s biggest companies and more than 1,900 exchange traded funds (ETFs) listed on the US share markets.

A cross-functional start-up team of 9 identified an opportunity and innovated in partnership with a corporate, the best of both worlds! Hatch is the first-of-its-kind in New Zealand to allow investors to buy fractions of a full share, letting investors buy portions of companies they might not normally be able to afford (like Amazon, which is often over  $2,800 a share). 

This is the first time that Kiwis have had affordable access to shares in US-listed shares. We created Hatch because traditional investment platforms are difficult to use and expensive at $90 transaction. Kiwis have limited investment options, and investors have been cut off from global opportunities unless they were willing to commit significant time and money. Hatch uses technology to break down these barriers, a completely digital process, investors can be up and running with a Hatch account in a few minutes. 

Who is Hatch for?

Hatch is for those investors who are interested in investing their money better. For those that want to diversify their investments and access the largest, most liquid sharemarkets in the world (the market cap of the NZX at around $260 billion is a fraction of a single large tech company). 

Investors are investing in what they know and back to grow. Be it accessing the largest companies in the world (Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, Lululemon, Nike, Tesla and Beyond Meat, to name a few), ETFs (exchange-traded funds) that align with their values (renewables, clean energy, diversity etc.), emerging industries (medicinal cannabis, AI etc), or newly listed IPOs

We launched in September 27, 2018, and since then Kiwis have invested millions of dollars through Hatch. As part of FNZ, Hatch is committed to helping Kiwis grow meaningful wealth. We’re proud that we’ve built something on our terms that Kiwis can invest on theirs.

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