What are the US share markets? 

Established in 1792, the NYSE is the largest and best-known market in the world. The NYSE has more than 2,800 listed companies, like Alibaba, Disney, Ford, Nike, and Visa

Also based in New York City, the Nasdaq was founded in 1971 and is the second largest share market in the world next to the NYSE. More than 3,300 companies are listed on the exchange. The Nasdaq is commonly viewed as the “Technology” index, the Nasdaq-100 is home to some of the best-known US tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, and Google

Why invest in the US share markets?

Simply put, the US share markets are the biggest share markets in the world. Currently valued at over $45 trillion USD, this is particularly astonishing when you consider the fact that the NZX is worth around $180 billion NZD. Known as the world’s financial capital, the US and their share markets are sophisticated and highly regulated, and many of the world’s biggest and most recognisable companies are listed on the US share markets. Kiwis should be able to access a world of opportunities to grow their wealth! 

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