We’ve got the best rates in town when it comes to buying and selling shares listed on the NASDAQ and NYSE.

A bunch of investors have already transferred the US shares and USD balance from their existing broker, and it's easy for you to join them: 

1. Sign up to Hatch

2. Email [email protected] with a current statement from your brokerage account that contains: 

             a) all open positions (including any USD)
             b) your account balance
             c) your name on the statement
             d) the logo of the broker

We'll check your US shares are available through Hatch, and that we can tick the compliance boxes with your cash balance, and walk you through the next steps (which vary depending on your broker). We do the grunt work so it's as seamless as possible.

If you’re paying top dollar to trade on the US markets, don’t delay, transfer today (yes, we're not above used-car-salesperson language)!

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