The US share markets are huge. With Hatch, you can invest in over 2900 companies and 500 exchange-traded funds, which is still less than the NASDAQ's total listings, which is over 3800 companies! 

With so many companies and funds to choose from, we understand that making those first few investments can be daunting. We've tried to make browsing shares easier by allowing you to slice and dice them in a few ways.

Search by Megatrends

Check out companies and exchange-traded funds at the forefront of future-focused trends, starting with Green, Female, Cannabis and Tech.

Search By Industry

 Want to invest in Healthcare, Transportation or Energy industries? Check out companies in those industries and see who is doing interesting work!

Filter shares based on certain criteria

You can filter shares by investment type, whether or not they pay dividends, and total market cap to find something that fits your portfolio.

Check out the biggest movers and shakers 

Along with your classic sort options, you can also sort shares based on what's being traded the most on Hatch, who has the biggest gains and losses today, or who is paying the highest dividends. 

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