What is auto-investing?

Auto-investing takes the time and effort out of building your portfolio.

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Auto-investing takes the time and effort out of building your portfolio. With Hatch, you can auto-invest into as many companies and exchange-traded funds as you like. For example, if you want to invest $200 a month, you can set up an auto-investment to be placed on the 21st of every month (or every week, fortnight, 4 weeks or quarter).

Setting up an auto-investment is easy:

  1. Browse shares and find a company or exchange-traded fund you want to invest in

  2. Click ‘buy’ and select ‘auto-invest’, then choose how much and how often you want to invest

  3. Once you confirm, sit back and relax. Your recurring market orders will automatically be placed for you at the interval you specified.

  4. Your auto-investment will continue until you stop it. You can stop it at any time from your list of transactions

Auto-investing comes with many benefits:

1. Dollar cost averaging:

Rather than trying to ‘time the market’, dollar-cost averaging allows you to invest a certain amount regularly, regardless of what the price is. We’ve outlined some of the benefits for investors.

2. Set & forget:

Once you have started building a portfolio, it can take a bit of time to keep adding to it. Auto-investing puts your money to work, whether or not you find the time to sign in to Hatch. If you set up an automatic payment in internet banking, your investing can be fully automatic!

3. No more waiting for lump sums:

Many investors set aside a portion of their income each payday to grow their portfolio. Rather than stockpiling that money in a low-interest savings account, you can dollar-cost average the exchange rate by making regular automatic payments into Hatch. Money sitting in your Hatch account is put to work earning dividends immediately through the money market fund, and when there’s enough, it’ll be auto-invested into the companies and ETFs you’ve chosen, without you having to lift a finger.

4. Build better investing habits:

Investing on a regular basis helps you grow your money bit by bit. Not only does it remove the fear of making big lump sum investments, but it also helps make growing your money become a normal part of your financial plan. One way some investors successfully stick with regular investing is by automating as much as they can. If you set up an automatic payment of $100 into your Hatch account, and you have auto-investments set up, your portfolio will grow with minimal effort. You’ll be surprised at how quickly those small amounts can add up! Obviously, shares aren't like savings - they will fluctuate in price and won't always go up in value.

Some common questions about Auto-investing:

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