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Does Hatch have a referral programme?
Does Hatch have a referral programme?

Yes! Help us share the love

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How does the referral programme work?

If you invite your friends to Hatch using your referral link, everyone wins! When your friends sign up using your link, and make an initial deposit of $100 NZD or more into Hatch within 14 days of signing up, you'll BOTH get a $10 NZD Hatch account top-up!

You need to have already made your first deposit into Hatch to be able to share the love. Then, just sign into Hatch and open the menu in the right corner:

Click on "Refer Friends" to see your unique link. This will always be your link, so you can copy it and share it with everyone you know.

How long will it take for my $10 NZD to come through?

Once your friend has made their initial $100 NZD deposit, it will take 1-2 business days for you to see your $10 top up in your Hatch account. You'll get an email when we're exchanging it into USD, so you'll know when it is on its way!

You can find our full terms and conditions for the referral programme here:

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