In a(nother) New Zealand first, Hatch is making it possible for everyday Kiwi investors to participate in global IPOs. Now you can buy shares in companies before they’re listed on the US share markets.

Browse upcoming IPOs in Hatch

We’re keeping a close eye on the big IPOs and will let you know when they land on Hatch through our social channels. Just another great reason to sign up to our newsletter and follow us on socials. And if you don’t have an account yet, no sweat. It only takes a few minutes to sign up.

Investing in newly listed companies

Even if you don’t participate in an IPO, you can still buy shares in newly IPO'd companies as soon as they hit the share markets.

Just a note, everyone can be waiting up to six hours the day of an IPO listing as they settle on buy/sell price. Not to worry! You won't miss out on the opportunity - every investor will be in the same boat waiting for the price to settle. You can't place any orders until the company is trading publicly, and we're unable to take pre-orders.

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