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Who can deposit money into a Kids Account?
Who can deposit money into a Kids Account?


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As long as you've already made a deposit into your own Hatch account, it’s a free for all! Think birthdays, Christmases, christenings, bar mitzvahs, Chinese New Year… A lot of people love your children but don’t love buying junk.

All anyone needs to deposit money into your kid’s investing account is their unique reference code. Once you’ve set up your kid’s account, you’ll be able to find their unique code by signing into Hatch, selecting their account in the top right dropdown, and heading to their deposit details page.

Anyone can set up a one off or regular deposit into your child's account through internet banking. And kids have the gift of time, so small amounts really do stack up.

What if I haven't made a deposit into my own Hatch account yet?

The first deposit into your account or your Kids Account needs to come from your bank account. This is an important security check to make sure you're really you, and is part of our responsibility to keep our customers and their money safe.

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