The final share price will only be confirmed just before the IPO completes.

If the final share price is within 20% of the indicative (estimated) price range, your request will be completed in one of three ways and we’ll email to let you know the final IPO offer price and how many shares you received.

If the final share price is over this 20% threshold, we’ll email you to give you a very short (think an hour) opportunity to reconfirm your share request. If you don’t reconfirm your share request during this time, you won’t receive any shares.

Remember, IPO share prices are based on the valuations decided by a few institutional investors. They’ll change a lot as shares are bought and sold straight after - make sure you have an IPO plan so you don’t get panicked by the short term ups and downs.

Note: Our first IPO will work a little differently to how you’re used to investing with Hatch. You may not be able to sell your IPO shares for up to 5 business days after the company lists on the US share markets (but you will be able to buy more with Hatch).

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