When you upload a document to our website so we can verify your details, the file you upload must be smaller than 10MB. You can upload a PDF, screenshot JPEG, or photo JPEG of your document clearly shows the information we need.

Please know that we are unable to accept files size 10MB or larger, which means if your file is larger, it may slow how quickly we can get you verified.

How to shrink your file size

If you find out that your file size is 10MB or larger, you can use websites to do the leg work for you, such as Wecompress. They can assist with compressing any files that are 10-50MB.

How to locate file size

If you’re unsure what the file size is, Google is your best friend (when your best friend isn’t available). Search by asking, ‘How to see the file size of an image/PDF on my desktop/tablet/smartphone’. Best to insert exactly which device you’re using when you ask this question to get the most detailed answer for you.

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