We did it for us! Just over four years ago, our four co-founders pitched the idea of Hatch to Kiwi Wealth. We had a unified vision to create an accessible, affordable, seamless platform where every Kiwi can put their money to work. As you know, Hatch is now a community of over 130,000 New Zealanders. Collectively you’ve grown your money by $225 million NZD! That’s a strong start, but we have much bigger plans. We always knew there’d come a time where we would outgrow our first home.

That time is now.

FNZ is a (fellow) Kiwi success story. As our new owners, they’ll be able to supercharge our ability to deliver the Hatch mission: a New Zealand where everyone has access to the tools, opportunities and education to build meaningful wealth.

Welcome to Hatch 2.0 - same goals, same relentless focus on putting your needs first. Now with a new rocket ship to take us all to the #moon!

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