In short, nothing. In long: it should mean you want to bring more of them to Hatch. Hatch was the first to allow Kiwis affordable access to the US share markets, and we did it by partnering with DriveWealth. They provide the financial infrastructure (brokerage, custody, clearing) that, combined with our technology smarts, make your investing experience seamless.

Think of FNZ as the DriveWealth for a Lot Of Different Investment Opportunities. Their financial backend expertise will enable us to offer you even more - like the NZX, ASX, funds (to name a few). All the stuff you’ve been asking for, we can now deliver faster than ever.

We have no plans to change our relationship with DriveWealth. They'll still be behind the scenes giving us access to the US share markets, but now FNZ are opening doors to many, many more opportunities.

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