This is different than your usual experience in Hatch

IPO shares are (by definition) unlisted shares, because you get shares in a company BEFORE it lists. Because DriveWealth only deal in listed shares, they couldn’t be part of the Allbirds IPO. So we’re doing it ourselves, with Kiwi Wealth, PCN, and a little help from our new friend ClickIPO. Hopefully DriveWealth can join us next time.

How is this different?

Initially, your shares were held on your behalf by PCN - Kiwi Wealth’s custodian, then they were transferred to DriveWealth. The transfer of shares from PCN to DriveWealth was recorded as two transactions that effectively cancelled each other out.

Now your IPO shares are in your Hatch account, you’ll see them in Hatch like all your other investments, and be able to sell them like usual.

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