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Does the Hatch FIF report tell me how much tax I have to pay?
Does the Hatch FIF report tell me how much tax I have to pay?

No, but it calculates your FIF income, which you can use to easily determine the amount of tax you need to pay.

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If the cost price of your overseas investments is over $50,000 NZD at any point during a tax year, you’ll fall under the FIF tax rules. After the end of every tax year, you’ll be able to order a Hatch FIF report that calculates your FIF income - find it in the tax reports section in Hatch.

The FIF report shows the income you’ve received from your overseas investments with Hatch during the tax year (i.e your FIF income). Because your individual tax rate is determined by other income that Hatch doesn’t know about (e.g. your salary), we can’t calculate your tax for you - but knowing your FIF income makes that very simple - find out more about completing a tax return using your FIF income.

If you’re unsure about what you need to do at tax time you should speak to a tax professional. You can also read more about who needs to file a tax return on the IRD’s website.

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