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To help us understand you a little better, we may need to ask for some documentation around your main source of wealth. But don’t panic, it’s nothing to worry about! This information helps make sure that we’re meeting our anti-money laundering (AML) obligations.

You can choose a document that best suits your main source of wealth from the list below:


  • Bank statement(s) for account your income is deposited in to that shows employer name or identifier

  • Copy of payslips for the last 3 months that include a company logo

  • IRD Documents


  • Bank statement(s) of account where you are saving your money


  • Dividend or interest statements

  • Copy of closing statement

Inheritance / Gift

  • Grant of Probate (with a copy of the will)

  • Copy of will

  • Signed letter from solicitor/accountant

Asset Sales

  • Sale and purchase agreement

  • Confirmation from solicitor

Business Owner

  • Financial statements

  • Recent dividend statements

  • Signed letter from solicitor


  • Financial statements

  • Dividend or interest statements

  • A copy of the Trust deed

Make sure these details are clearly visible

  • Your legal name (at least your first initial and surname)

  • The date of issue (in the last 12 months)

  • The organisation's logo

  • When providing a letter, a lawyer's signature

If you can’t see an option that suits your situation, no worries. You can reach out to our team at

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