What are your fees?

Simple, transparent and fair pricing to help Kiwis put more money to work

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Hatch gives you simple, fair and transparent pricing. No monthly fees, inactivity fees, or complicated hidden extras. Just pay for what you use.

Why not $0 brokerage?

There's no such thing as free lunch so beware $0 commissions touted in marketing campaigns. Learn why we're sticking with transparent fees and why price shouldn't be the main consideration when trusting your money to an investing platform.

Why not a percentage fee on brokerage?

It may be attractive to pay a percentage fee when buying smaller amounts, but the goal is for your shares to increase in value. Hatch investors want to build meaningful wealth so we don't believe we should take a cut of your profits when you sell your shares. Our flat brokerage fee leaves more money in your hands in the long run.

Transfer your US shares to us!

We’d love you to transfer your existing US shares to Hatch. There may be fees to transfer your shares to Hatch (depending where you're transferring from). Reach out to the team at hello@hatchinvest.nz to learn more.

Transferring shares out to another broker?

Fees may be charged by our broker if you transfer shares out of Hatch. Let us know which broker you're transferring to so we can give you a better idea of these fees.

Fees for American Depositary Receipts (ADRs)

The depositary banks that provide custodial services for ADRs charge fees to do so. Find out more here: What is an ADR, and why are they different?

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