Opening an account with Hatch is free, but there are brokerage, exchange and tax reporting fees you should be aware of. 

Brokerage fees:

When you buy or sell shares or ETFs from your Hatch account, you pay a brokerage fee that we split with our US broking partner, Drive Wealth:

  • To buy or sell a fraction of one share: $3 USD
  • To buy or sell one or more shares (including fractions of shares): $0.02 USD a share, rounded to the nearest $0.01 USD. There's an $8 USD minimum fee, so up until you buy 400 shares, you'll be paying a flat rate of $8 USD on every order

    For example:

    If you buy any amount from 1 - 399.9999 Tesla shares, the fee will be $8 USD
    If you buy 401 Tesla shares, the fee will be $8.02 USD. 

Exchange fees:

A 0.5% fee is included in the exchange rate you see in Hatch. Our fee is lower than what most banks charge, which is usually about 1% of the money you exchange. We split this fee with our FX partner World First. It works like this:

  • Base exchange rate (Interbank rate): 1 NZD = 0.66 USD
  • Hatch rate: 1 NZD = 0.6567 USD (0.66 - (0.66 * 0.005) 

Using this example, if you deposited $10,000 the Hatch exchange rate would be 0.6567, resulting in $6,567 USD 

Tax reporting fees:
Once you have made an investment through Hatch, every part of your US tax requirements is automatically taken care of for you. The processing fees are deducted from your available balance in Hatch and paid directly to our partners. Hatch doesn’t take a cut:

  • One-off W-8BEN processing fee: When you make your first deposit, a one-off $1.50 USD fee is deducted to cover the cost of processing the compulsory W-8BEN tax form.
  • Annual tax return filing fee: An annual $0.50 USD fee will be deducted from your available balance to cover the cost of processing your annual US tax return. 

ADR fees:
American Depository Receipts (ADRs) are clearly labeled on Hatch because they are different from other US shares. An ADR is a certificate issued by a US depository bank. The bank buys shares in the foreign company listed on a foreign share market and repackages them to list on the US share markets as ADRs.

While Hatch doesn’t charge any fees on ADRs, the banks do charge custodial fees. These fees generally range from $0.01 - $0.03 per ADR, per year, but it can vary. You can find the exact fees on the SEC’s website by searching for a company and viewing its F-6 registration statement. Be warned! The website is awful.

You can find out more about ADRs and their fees here.

With Hatch, there are no hidden fees, and no management or custodial fees.

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