Hatch gives you simple, fair and transparent pricing. No monthly fees, inactivity fees, or complicated hidden extras. Just pay for what you use.

0.5% To exchange your deposits and withdrawals

That’s roughly half what you usually pay, and there's no minimum fee.


$3.00 To buy or sell shares

A flat fee for every order of up to 300 shares (then it’s $0.01 a share).

Why we don’t offer $0 brokerage

How we calculate our FX fee

US tax sorted and NZ tax made easy

A one-off $1.50 USD fee and annual $0.50 USD fee pays for your W-8BEN tax form and yearly US tax filing. The fees are paid directly to DriveWealth and Hatch doesn’t pocket a cent.

At the end of every tax year we give you everything you need to file your NZ tax return and comply with NZ's unique tax requirements.

Transfer your US shares to us!

We’d love you to transfer your existing US shares to Hatch and will help cover any fees. The fee to transfer shares out of Hatch depends on your new broker and fractional shares can’t be transferred.

Everyone is a VIP

Every investor, big time or small, gets the same premium features and unparalleled support from our Kiwi team.

We invest in New Zealanders

Our team is based in Wellington. We take managing your money seriously and invest seriously in a smart, responsive support team who have your back when things go awry. When it comes to support, you really do get what you pay for, and quality becomes extremely important when you're investing internationally. This is your hard earned money, and you want to know that you're our sole focus, not just a blip on a global radar.

And that's it! With Hatch, there are no regulatory fees, hidden fees, and no subscription or custodial fees.

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