Do I get voting rights on my shares?

Your full shares have voting rights, so you can have your say

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When you sign up to Hatch, you get your own US brokerage account with a US broker, DriveWealth. This means you own your shares directly and get full shareholder voting rights on any whole shares you own. Our broker's partner Broadridge will send you all the info you need to have your say in votes! These emails will come from or

You're also able to transfer shares in and out of Hatch any time you want, without having to sell them first.

What are voting rights?

When you own shares in companies listed on the US share markets, you get certain rights along with those shares. Shareholders typically have the right to vote in elections for the board of directors, on proposed operational changes and things that impact their shares (like share splits and mergers). Basically, you get a say in the future of the company.

Do I get voting rights on my fractional shares?

No. Fractional shares do not have voting rights. For example, if you own 21.3 shares, you'll have voting rights for 21 shares. You do receive dividends on fractional shares though.

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