Why has my account balance changed?

Why your account balance might be different than expected

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Your Hatch account balance changes every time you deposit or withdraw money, buy or sell shares, receive a dividend or get charged a fee. You'll be able to see all transactions that impact your balance in your transaction history report.

Some of the most common reasons your balance may change without you doing anything in Hatch are:

  • W-8BEN fee: $1.50 USD will be deducted from your first deposit to cover your compulsory W-8BEN processing fee.

  • Order fee: When you make an order, the order value is deducted immediately, but the fee is only deducted once your order is complete

  • Dividends: There are two types of dividends you may receive:
    1. Your investments may also pay out dividends
    2. Uninvested money you have sitting in your Hatch account is automatically swept into an overnight Money Market Fund. The purpose of the fund is to provide a low risk method of maintaining your Hatch account balance, but you may also receive dividends. These will show up in your transaction history with a label like: "MONEY MARKET FUND [DATE] DIVIDEND"

  • Annual tax fee: Our US broking partner automatically submits all your required annual US tax reports on your behalf. You will just notice a $0.50 US fee for tax reporting deducted from your account at tax time.

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