When you have money sitting available to invest in Hatch, it needs to be stored somewhere. Money Market Funds are a common place to park money temporarily before investing it. They spread your money across lower-risk investments with the goal of keeping your money at a stable amount (i.e your $1 should always be worth $1).

The Money Market Fund will be invisible to you as an investor. It's managed behind the scenes and your money isn't locked away. You can buy shares with it or withdraw it whenever you like.

When you invest with Hatch, your money is stored in a Money Market Fund with Dreyfus BNY Mellon. The Dreyfus BNY Mellon money market fund has a credit rating from three reputable ratings agencies and you can find their prospectus in our terms and conditions.

You might get dividends on your uninvested money!

The good news is, that while money is sitting the fund, it's already working for you. Money market Funds pay out dividends that almost mimic current interest rates. Any dividends will appear in your Hatch account at the beginning of the month. The transaction will show up as 'MONEY MARKET FUND [DATE] DIVIDEND' or DARXX.

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