How do you open a Kids Account?

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Setting up a Kids Investment Account with Hatch is even easier than setting up your own account. Here’s how to do it:

One: If you haven't already, sign up to Hatch and get verified online (it’s a painless 3 minute multi-choice form). This gives you the extra benefit of having your own Hatch account, so you can put some good money habits into place alongside your children.

Two: Sign in to your own Hatch account like you normally do.

Three: Select the ‘add a kid’s account’ option in the purple dropdown menu

Four: Fill out a few details about your child, and upload their birth certificate or guardianship order. We'll email to ask you for extra info if your document is from overseas.

Five: We’ll check over their details and open their account (usually that same day)

Six: You’ll be able to switch between your account and theirs when you sign in Hatch.

Bonus! Your children will get their own referral code to share with other parents and friends and get those $10 NZD top-ups!

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