When you open a Hatch Kids Account, we have to ask for a few details about your child and collect a birth certificate to prove they are who you say they are. This is a legal requirement to help keep their account secure.

What if my child doesn't have a New Zealand birth certificate?

When you create your Kids Account, simply upload your child's foreign birth certificate or guardianship order.

Then, email us one of the following:

  • Their New Zealand Drivers Licence; OR

  • Their New Zealand Passport; OR

  • Their NZ Citizenship certificate; OR

  • Their foreign passport, it needs to be certified (see how)

We'll email to let you know if we need anything else.

Note: If you have lost your NZ birth certificate, you'll need to order a new one and upload it to us.

Why do we need an extra document?

Verifying your child's identity is an important part of keeping them and their money safe. When you upload a document from another country, we need to do an additional check to make sure the document belongs to your child. One small extra step now means you always know who is investing on their behalf - a small price to pay for peace of mind.

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