If a company or ETF (exchange-traded fund) isn't listed it's usually because it doesn't meet DriveWealth's listing criteria).

The general rules that DriveWealth use to assess what shares to offer are:

  • The company or ETF is listed on the NYSE or Nasdaq

  • Share price must be above $1 USD

  • For companies, the market capitalisation should be greater than $1 billion USD

  • If market capitalisation is below $1 billion USD, we may be able to request the company if the 3 month average daily dollar volume is greater than $0.5 million (this can be found within the 'Statistics' tab within a company or ETF profile on Yahoo Finance).

  • For ETFs, the net assets should be greater than $300 million USD

  • Leveraged funds aren’t offered by default and requests to add them will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis

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