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Can you tell me how much tax I have to pay?
Can you tell me how much tax I have to pay?

We would if we could, but we only know about your Hatch investments.

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In your annual tax report, we tell you how much overseas income you’ve received through Hatch - usually this is in the form of dividends. We also have a simple tool that helps you understand what (if anything) you need to do at tax time, based on your Hatch income.

Because we don’t know about any other untaxed income you received and other overseas investments you own, we don’t know your full tax picture.

You (or your accountant) can use your Hatch information, along with any other financial details to file an IR3 tax return. For most people, it’s a simple process and a sign that your investment money is being put to work! You can see your estimated current income at any time in the tax reports section in Hatch, and after the end of each tax year, you’ll get a final tax report.

If you’re unsure about what you need to do at tax time you should speak to a tax professional. You can also read more about who needs to file a tax return on the IRD’s website.

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Note: Your tax obligations are unique to you - if you're unsure, we recommend you seek professional tax advice. Your situation may change over time; it’s your responsibility to keep up to date with changes.

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