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What happens to my Hatch account if I pass away?
What happens to my Hatch account if I pass away?

We have robust processes to ensure Hatch accounts are managed safely upon death.

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Planning for what happens to your assets when you die is important. We recommend ensuring your Hatch account and assets are listed in your Will, including what you would like to happen with them if you pass away.

When Hatch is notified of one of our investors passing away, our hands-on processes ensure your assets and accounts are handled safely. This includes requiring evidence of the situation, such as:

  • a death certificate,

  • proof of the named executor or administrator,

  • proof of ID of the named executor or administrator

When we receive a death certificate, we'll close the account to stop any activity taking place (including associated kids accounts). We will then work with the verified executor or administrator to ensure the assets are transferred or liquidated to the estate. For kid accounts, possible outcomes are transferring account to another legal guardian, withdrawing money into a bank account in child's name, or other verified legal instructions depending on the situation.

Once we have all the required evidence and documents, it will generally take a week to transfer the assets or liquidate the account.

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