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Which web browsers can I use Hatch on?
Which web browsers can I use Hatch on?

How to check and update your browser so Hatch runs smoothly and securely

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Which browsers does Hatch support?

Hatch recommends you use the latest version of one of the web browsers listed below. Keeping your browser up to date gives you the best security and experience quality on Hatch and across the web!

Click any of the icons in the table to visit the download page for the browser.


Minimum version number









Can I use a different browser or an older version?

Other browsers or older versions may also work but we do not test these. There may be some issues with functionality or potential security risks if using these.

If you run into issues on an unsupported browser/version please try updating or using a different browser. If you’re still having problems contact the team and let us know.

How do I check or update my browser version?

The quickest way to check is by visiting - this website will display your current browser and version.

If that doesn’t work, you will generally be able to find the version number as follows:

For Chrome/Edge/Firefox on mobile or desktop:

  1. Open your browser

  2. Navigate to the Settings area

  3. Find the About… or Update section, you should see the version number here

If your browser is not the latest version, you should see an option to update in the same place.

For Safari:

  • On desktop: Open Safari, click Safari (next to the 🍎 in the top menu bar), click About Safari

  • On mobile: Open Settings, select General, select Software Update, here you will see your iOS version number, this corresponds generally to the Safari version

To update Safari you need to update your OS.

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