You can deposit into your Hatch account in three ways:

  • NZD from your NZ bank account: internet banking or phone banking

  • USD from a USD bank account or transfer service like Wise (see how)

  • Your Hnry account

Your first deposit needs to come from you

If you have a personal Hatch account, your FIRST deposit needs to be made from a bank account in your name, (same goes for deposits into a Hatch Trust account - it needs to come from the Trust's bank account). It's a one-off security check to make sure you’re really you, and one of the ways we keep you and your money safe.

Then anyone can deposit into your Hatch account

Anyone can deposit into your Hatch account using these instructions:

  • Sign into internet banking (remember, only your first deposit needs to be from a bank account in the same name as your Hatch account)

  • Select ‘Hatch - Kiwi Wealth’ from the registered payees list, or

  • Set up Hatch as a payee using these details:
    Payee: Hatch - Kiwi Wealth
    Account number: 12-3244-0013979-00

  • Enter your unique reference code - you'll find it on your deposit page in Hatch. This helps us link your deposits to your Hatch account. If your bank has multiple reference fields, it's important you place the reference in the field "To appear on other parties statement".

Once we receive your NZD, we exchange them into USD so you can invest. We want your money in Hatch as quickly as you do, see what you can do to put your money to work as soon as possible.

Cash deposits

We can't accept cash deposits.

Depositing USD directly into Hatch

We accept USD deposits, just follow the instructions here.

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