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How do I set up two-factor authentication for Hatch?
How do I set up two-factor authentication for Hatch?

Guide to setting up an authenticator app or SMS for 2FA

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Not sure what 2FA is, why you need it, or which method to use? Read this article first.

1. Get prepared

You will need either:

2. Link Hatch with your app or phone number

Click here to sign in to Hatch and start the two factor authentication setup process. You’ll be prompted to choose between using an authenticator app or SMS.

Using an app

  1. Either scan the QR code from your authenticator app with your device’s camera or, if you don't have a camera, manually add the 32-character set up key

  2. Once you've scanned the QR code, your app will show you a 6-digit code. Enter this into the box below the QR code and click 'Turn on two-factor authentication

Using SMS

  1. Enter your New Zealand mobile number and press next

  2. You should receive an SMS shortly containing a 6 digit code, enter this code in the box and press next.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • 2FA codes refresh every minute and can only be used once, make sure your code hasn't expired and that you haven't already tried using it.

  • If you’re using/resetting an authenticator app and previously had Hatch registered on that app, you may need to delete your previous setup first.

  • If you’re using SMS and don’t receive the message initially, please check your phone number is correct and click retry. Occasionally it can take a bit longer for messages to arrive due to network congestion.

  • Authenticator apps need the correct time to generate working codes, if your app codes aren’t working try checking the time on your device is automatically synced - some authenticator apps have tools to check/update this.

3. Strongly recommended: Save your back-up codes!

Print your Hatch back-up codes, or save them somewhere safe (not on the same device as your authenticator app).

  • You can use these codes to sign in to Hatch when you lose access to your phone or authenticator app, or if you’re out of cell signal (if using SMS).

  • Each code can only be used once and if you get new codes, all existing codes will stop working. You can generate new codes at any time from your 2FA settings.

  • If you lose your back-up codes you should generate new codes as soon as possible to ensure the old codes can’t be used by anyone else.

4. You're ready to sign in with two-factor authentication

After you’ve setup 2FA you’ll need to enter a code every time you login. Just enter your email and password like normal and click 'sign in' - then you’ll be prompted to enter a code:

  • App: Open your authenticator app and enter the 6-digit code associated with your Hatch account.

  • SMS: After you’ve entered your email and password we’ll automatically send you a code, if this doesn’t arrive within a minute just click resend code.

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