Two-step authentication keeps your account extra secure. Also known as two-step verification (2SV) or two-factor authentication (2FA), it adds an additional step when you sign in: you enter a unique code generated by an authentication app.

Here's how to set it up:

1. What you need to get started

Download an authentication app to your mobile, desktop or tablet (e.g Authy, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, 1Password, LastPass, FreeOTP). 

2. Set up the Authenticator app

After you've download an authenticator app, you need to set up two-step authentication with Hatch.

  1. Either scan the QR code from your authenticator app or manually add your unique set up details.

  2. Once you've set up the authenticator app, it'll show you a 6-digit code. Enter it here and click 'Turn on two-factor authentication'

    Optional: Download one-time codes for maximum security. Print your one-time Hatch codes, or save them somewhere safe (not on the same device as your authenticator app). You can use these one-time codes to sign in to Hatch when you’re away from your device, or if you ever lose, restore, or damage it. Note: Each one-time code can only be used once and if you download new one-time codes, all existing codes will stop working.

3. Sign in with two-step authentication

After you set up your authenticator app and connect it to Hatch, use it to generate a code each time you sign in:

  1. Enter your email and password like normal, and click 'sign in'

  2. Launch the authentication app to generate a random 6-digit code

  3. Type the 6-digit code into the authentication field in Hatch. Click 'Verify'.

4. Disable two-step authentication

Two-step authentication adds extra security to your Hatch account and investments. If you no longer want to use it, you can turn it off here.

Click 'disable two-step authentication' to change back to just entering your email and password to sign in.

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