At Hatch, we have a serious responsibility to keep you and your money safe. When you make your first deposit, we check some details to make sure you're in control of your Hatch account (and no one else!).

If we don't receive enough information from the bank that clearly shows it was from your bank account, there's an extra security step before you can start investing:

I deposited from my own bank account, what next?

Upload a bank statement from the same account.

I deposited from my business or another bank account, what next?

Make another deposit from your personal bank account. It's a security check so 10c is enough! If you upload a bank statement too, we won't need to ask for any more info.

As soon as we confirm your details, we'll let you know that your money is on its way to Hatch and again when it's ready to invest.

I'm already verified, why do you need this?

Hatch was designed to let you put your important money to work, which means we have a lot of security in place to keep that money safe. Some of it is hidden and sometimes - like in this case, we need your help.

Other checks include verifying your identity, ensuring you can only withdraw money to your own bank accounts and allowing you to turn on two-step authentication.

What happens if I don't upload a bank statement?

We really hope you do, it's worth it! We'll send a couple of email reminders and return your money if we get no response. You can deposit again at any time.


You can email us any time at, or tell us a good time to call.

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