With Hatch, you get the benefits of owning your shares directly through your own US brokerage account.

Owning US shares means completing a W-8BEN

Before you can start investing in the US share markets, we need to submit a compulsory W-8BEN form to make sure you pay the correct US tax. The form is also known as a ‘Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding’ (beautiful huh?).

If you're a US tax resident, get in touch and we'll sort a W9 tax form for you to complete.

You don't need to do anything

DriveWealth, our US broking partner uses the information you enter when you sign up to Hatch to automatically complete and process your W-8BEN for you. You don't need to do anything, you’ll just notice a one-off $1.50 USD fee is deducted from your first deposit.

Your US tax returns and payments are sorted for you

Any tax you need to pay in the US will be deducted from your dividends before the money lands in your Hatch account. You don't need to file a tax return in the US either.

You won't be double-taxed

We make NZ tax time simple. At tax time, we'll tell you the amount you've already paid in the US so you can claim a credit if you need to file a tax return here.

For more about tax, check out our tax centre.

Note: Your tax obligations will depend on your situation, so we recommend that you seek professional tax advice. These obligations may change over time, it’s your responsibility to keep up to date with changes.

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