I'm a new investor and this is super scary

We get it. Investing is intimidating when you're new, and so many of the websites out there that say they'll help you are totally bogged down in jargon. At Hatch, we love new investors and want to help folks get comfortable with investing so that they can build the wealth they deserve.

While we can't give advice about how much to invest and what to do with your money, the great thing about self-directed investing is that you can learn by doing, starting with small amounts, and can take an active role in investing your hard-earned money. 

We've heard of a few new investors who take $100 or $200 and invest it in a company they know well (like Apple or Tesla), they can then monitor it over time and see what impacts the share price. If you just buy a fraction of a share, you can get hands-on share market education for the price of a coffee.

There are so many shares available on Hatch, how do I choose?

This is the age-old question, aye? How do I choose... Honestly, everyone is different, and there's no one-size-fits-all answer. One thing we've heard is helpful for new investors is to start with your interests. Maybe you work in healthcare and want to see the field improved by better technology, or maybe you're worried about the environment and want to invest in companies pursuing sustainable solutions. In Hatch, you can browse shares by industries and trends to see what companies are at the forefront of the fields you care about most.

I want to do some research, where do I start?

We usually recommend folks start their research by reading about different investment strategies like 'buy and hold', 'diversification' and 'dollar-cost averaging' to build an understanding of good investment behaviour. We've written a blog on this topic that might be helpful.

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We also love these sites for their plain english approach to investing advice and information:

The Balance website: https://www.thebalance.com/
Juno Magazine: https://www.junoinvesting.co.nz/
Finimize (daily email): https://www.finimize.com/
The Motley Fool: https://www.fool.com/

And this article from The Deep Dish is one of our favourite investing overviews: https://thedeepdish.org/beginners-guide-becoming-badass-investor/

Of course, our team is here to help however we can, so chat us up if you have any questions as you get started!

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