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Some tips for dipping your toes into the share markets
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I'm a new investor and this is super scary

We get it. Investing is intimidating when you're new, and so many of the websites out there that say they'll help you are bogged down in jargon. At Hatch, we love new investors and want to help you get comfortable with investing so that you can build the wealth you deserve. You can head to our Learn section, or read on for more plain English tips and tools to help you get started!

There are so many shares available on Hatch, how do I choose? 

Everyone is different, and there's no one-size-fits-all answer. Life experience gives you more expertise than you probably realise for determining whether different industries and trends are a good long term investment.

You can start small and grow your investments over time

The great thing about self-directed investing is that you can learn by doing, starting with small amounts, and growing your hard-earned money over time. 

Many new investors take $100 or $200 and invest it in a company they're familiar with. They use the knowledge they've built through being a customer to make an informed decision about the company's future growth. A few hundred dollars is enough skin in the game to care about (and therefore learn) what impacts the share price over time, but not enough to lose sleep over. That's a hands-on share market education for the price of a dinner.

It may sound way too simple for the complex world of investing, but as this 5 minute video explains, some of the world's most successful investors rely on a strategy of buying businesses they know:

I want to do some research, where do I start?

We usually recommend starting your research by reading about different investment strategies like buy and hold, diversification and dollar-cost averaging to build an understanding of good investing behaviour.

Some other Hatch articles that are handy for newer investors:

These guides to investing from The Deep Dish and the FMA are two of our favourite investing overviews for beginners:

The Deep Dish: Beginner's Guide to Becoming a Badass Investor

Of course, our team is here to help however we can, so chat us up if you have any questions as you get started!

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