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Does my bank impact when my deposit arrives in my Hatch account?
Does my bank impact when my deposit arrives in my Hatch account?

Most banks are fast, some are a little slower. The time it takes for us to receive your deposit depends on the NZ bank you’re with.

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We want you to put your important money to work as fast as possible, but your bank has to get it to us first. We have no control over how long it takes, but it can impact how quickly your deposit is ready to invest.

We did some testing, and this is what we’ve found.

This is a rough guide to give you an idea of what time you need to deposit on a business day to get your money into Hatch on the same day:


Latest time you can deposit (based on our test - earlier is better!)







Co-operative Bank



We won’t receive deposits from Heartland the same day you make them. Heartland processes payments at 7pm each business day.







How to put your money to work faster

  • If you’re making your FIRST deposit, make sure it’s from a personal NZ bank account that is in the same name as your Hatch account. You can use a joint bank account if your name is listed on the account - we may need extra info from you to confirm this. This is a one-off security check, then you can deposit from any NZ bank account, or deposit USD directly

  • Deposit before 1pm on any business day. If we receive your money after 1pm, it’s unlikely to be exchanged until the following business day.

Go next level and maximise the benefits of auto-investing and dollar cost averaging by setting up an automatic payment from your bank in your Hatch account.

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