If you make a deposit before 2pm on any business day, it usually hits your Hatch account first thing the following morning - around the time that the US market opens.

You'll receive acknowledgement of your deposit when we exchange your money, and again when it’s reached your Hatch account.

If your money arrives in our bank account after we process deposits, it'll be exchanged in the afternoon the following business day, so get your deposits in early folks!

Any deposits made during the weekend will be processed on the following NZ business day.

How to put your money to work faster

  • Make sure the bank account you are depositing from is a personal bank account and is in the same name as your Hatch account. Joint bank accounts are fine, as long as your name is listed on the account

  • Deposit before 2pm on any business day. If your money is received after 2pm, it'll be exchanged between 2pm - 4pm the following business day.

  • Dollar cost average by setting up an automatic payment from your bank, and an auto-investment in Hatch.

What to expect while we exchange your money:
We'll email you updates once we start our banking process and you'll be able to see it in your Transaction History report when it hits your Hatch account.

Note: Due to the movement of money from your NZ bank account to your individual brokerage account in the US, there may be occasions of a one day delay with your deposit (although rarely).

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