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When can I expect my deposit to be ready to invest?
When can I expect my deposit to be ready to invest?

Deposit early in the day to give your money the best chance of being ready to invest that same evening.

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If you deposit before 1pm on a business day

Your money should be ready to invest that same evening.

If you deposit after 1pm

If your money arrives in our bank account after our final exchange for the day (usually around 3pm), it'll land in your Hatch account the next business day.

We’ll email you as soon as your money is ready to invest. Note: While we work as fast as we can, some banks take a while to send us your money.

6 reasons why your deposit could take a little longer to land:

  1. Good faith violations
    If you have three good faith violations, your deposit won’t be ready to invest the same day - but it should be available to invest the next business day.

  2. Your unique reference wasn’t included in the deposit or was incorrect
    If you make a deposit without your correct unique reference code, we won’t be able to process it straight to your Hatch account. Once we’ve confirmed your deposit with you, your money should arrive in Hatch the next business day.

  3. Weekends
    We know weekends and holidays can be the perfect time to scroll through your watchlist and get inspired. But, we can only exchange deposits on business days in NZ, not during weekends or holidays - so your weekend deposits won’t land in Hatch until Monday evening.

  4. Manual processing

    If we have to send money to the US the old fashioned way, instead of using whizzy technology solutions (which should be very rare).

  5. Your first deposit didn't come from your personal bank account

    If you didn't make your first deposit from a personal bank account, our team will need to confirm some details with you.

  6. If you did deposit from a personal bank account but we didn't receive enough information from the bank to confirm it's from you

    For your very first deposit, we need to confirm that the payment has come from your personal bank account. If we can't, our team will need to confirm some details with you.

What to expect after you make a payment from internet banking

You’ll receive two emails from us: one to confirm the exchange details of NZD to USD, and another when it’s in your Hatch account ready to invest. You'll also be able to see updates to your deposit in your account.

How to put your money to work faster

  • If you’re making your FIRST deposit, make sure it’s from a personal NZ bank account that is in the same name as your Hatch account. You can use a joint bank account if your name is listed on the account - we may need extra info from you to confirm this. This is a one-off security check, then you can deposit from any NZ bank account, or deposit USD directly

  • Deposit before 1pm on any business day. If we receive your money after 1pm, it’s unlikely to be exchanged until the following business day. (See how long it takes for different banks to get your deposit to us)

  • Go next level and maximise the benefits of auto-investing and dollar cost averaging by setting up an automatic payment from your bank in your Hatch account.


We allow you to invest your money before it’s actually landed in your Hatch account (settled). You can’t withdraw it until it actually lands, which is usually the next business day after you deposit.

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