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Can I move money/shares from my account to my Kids Account?
Can I move money/shares from my account to my Kids Account?

Yes! Just get in touch with us

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Yes. Many of you have already started investing on behalf of your children through your own Hatch accounts. So when you're ready to transfer shares, then:

  1. Make sure you have opened an account for every child you want to transfer shares to (get step by step instructions)

  2. Email us at to let us know

  3. We’ll send you a form to complete (you’ll be able to fill out the number of shares to transfer to each child, and will be able to split up your holdings)

  4. On an agreed date, we'll complete all the transfers at once and your Kids Account will have a nice head start!

Transferring to children who are over 18 years old

If your child is over 18, we can’t transfer shares from your account to theirs. This isn’t us being difficult, we just operate under very strict money laundering laws which forbid us from transferring shares from one adult to another. We may make the odd exception if we can so let us know at - and keep your fingers crossed.

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