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Is Hatch the right investment platform for me?
Is Hatch the right investment platform for me?

Hatch gives you the control to invest in US shares. We don’t give financial advice but we provide the tools to confidently grow your wealth.

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Want to take a year off? Buy your dream house? Retire early (or retire well)? If you have big dreams, or even humble ones, Hatch is for you.

Hatch has been designed for every Kiwi of every age who wants their hard-earned money to work harder for them. We’re an online investment platform that gives you fast, affordable access to the US share markets. It’s free to join us, and you can browse investments and add them to your watchlist straight away. When you’re ready to invest, you’ll then get all the benefits that come with owning your shares.

As a Hatch investor, you get an all-access pass to our online Hatch Investors’ Club, the “best thing ever”, where you can chat all things investing, share the wins, and learn, grow and connect with your fellow investing enthusiasts #nosillyquestions.

Nearly 6,000 companies and ETFs to choose from

Join us to invest in the world’s biggest companies and back the brands you use everyday - from Nike (NKE) to Netflix (NFLX), Lululemon (LULU) to Lemonade (LMND). Or you can kick back and relax, taking a set-and-forget approach to investing with exchange traded funds (ETFs). With ETFs you can invest in sectors - like tech or green energy, companies that support gender diversity, - or back industries you believe in - like property and healthcare.

Or choose a mix of both! With Hatch you get access to spread your investments across nearly 6000 companies and ETFs - and you can even set up auto-investing to make payday payments and grow your portfolio every time you earn.

Keen for more?

Whether you’re new to investing, want to take control of your investments, see that owning an investment property may no longer be the golden goose for retirement, or are sick of paying fat fees to people in the middle, Hatch can work for you (because we designed it for you!).

If you need an extra hand, our free Getting Started Course busts the myths and answers your big questions in just 10 minutes a day for 10 days.

So if that sounds like a bit of you, we’re here for it!

Got more questions?

Our epic Wellington-based team are all keen investors and can help you find the answers you’re looking for, so drop us a line at or book a call.

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